Storage and shipping in the oil & gas industry

Delivery flow monitoring of cryogenic LNG

Typically LNG is sold from the liquefaction plant and transported by sea using a specialized LNG tanker vessel. Custody transfer meters are used to measure the volume of the liquefied gas delivered, and this involves an analytical measurement of the LNG calorific value. The LNG tanker voyage takes some days, and the LNG tanks, while insulated, are not cooled, so some of the lightest fraction, the methane, boils off. Normally this is used to fuel the ship’s engines.

  • Cryogenic temperatures (<-162°C)
  • High accuracy needed to prevent losses
  • Custody transfer accuracy and approvals
  • Cryogenic temperatures (<-162°C)
  • Risk of overfill or dry run
  • Inventory measurement
  • Visualisation and monitoring of critical processes
  • Control of reporting, trends and alarm handling
  • Statistical evaluation of measurement data
  • Integration of flow computers, PLCs, supervisory computers and printers
  • Installation of single flow computers up to fully redundant cabinet
  • Complying with custody transfer requirements