Crude oil and refined product pipeline in the oil & gas industry

Separate recording of flow systems

Large diameter pipelines offer the most efficient way to transport oil products to and from a refinery. Crude oil can come directly from the production location, or from the tank farm where it arrived by ship. Pipelines are also used to transport the resulting refined products to another tank farm, which is typically close to the refinery, but could be up to several hundreds of kilometers away.

  • Risk of overfill or dry run
  • Ensure continuous supply of crude oil or refined product
  • High accuracy measurement of valuable products
  • Need for diagnostics to ensure measurement accuracy
  • Process control and pump optimization
  • Probability of swirls and distortions through pumping
  • Control of the tank farm
  • Inventory measurement
  • High sensitivity monitoring of transmission pipelines
  • Batch tracking, scheduling and monitoring of pipeline tightness and lifetime stress
  • Retrofit onto existing pipelines or tailor-made technical solutions
  • Visualisation and monitoring of critical processes
  • Control of reporting, trends and alarm handling
  • Statistical evaluation of measurement data
  • Integration of flow computers, PLCs, supervisory computers and printers
  • Installation of single flow computers up to fully redundant cabinet
  • Complying with custody transfer requirements
  • Measurement of oil and refined product quality
  • Fully automated sampling during loading and unloading
  • Measurement of water content in oil
  • Fully certified according to local and international metrology requirements
  • Lowest possible measurement uncertainty
  • High reliability and low maintenance
  • High-accuracy measurement of volume and quality of oil and refined products
  • Traceable to international standards
  • Complying with custody transfer requirements
  • Master/duty configuration with flowmeter diagnostics
  • Injection of odorant in natural gas
  • Indication of the flow of chemicals
  • Ensure continuous injection